In the periodic table, osmium is located in the sixth group of the transition elements. Within this group, it can be found in the sixth period.

Osmium has the atomic number 76 and an atomic mass of 190.23 u. Its electron configuration is [Xe] 4f14 5d6 6s2.

Osmium is non-toxic in its crystalline form as long as a temperature of 400 °C is not exceeded.

Osmium has a bluish-silvery lustre. It is the hardest platinum-group metal and having a density 22.61 g / cm³, it is the element with the highest density in the periodic table. Osmium is very difficult to process.

Osmium has a hexagonal close packed crystal structure.

Osmium is not particularly reactive.

Osmium reacts directly only with chlorine, fluorine and oxygen.

If osmium is compact, it is resistant against non-oxidising acids in water and air.

Finely dispersed osmium slowly oxidises to osmium VIII oxide:
Os + 2O2 → OsO4

After rhenium and tungsten, osmium, at 3033 °C, has the highest melting point of all metals.

Its boiling point is 5000 °C.

At low temperatures, osmium is a superconductor.

In addition, osmium has the largest bulk modulus of all elements. With a value of 462 GPa, it even surpasses diamond.


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