THE precious metal

THE precious metal

Osmium is marketable since 2014. It is available in various forms of jewellery or as an investment metal. Its unique lustre and characteristics have led to its unrivalled success story.

Inform yourself about osmium. It is worth it.

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Osmium is both the rarest precious metal as well as the rarest existing element.

Osmium is mined together with platinum, however, the huge amount of 10,000 tons of platinum ore contains only 30 grams osmium. The separation of the metals is cost-intensive and very complex.

Once the mining of platinum declines, it is no longer possible to mine osmium. At this point, osmium will become even rarer.

Currently the yearly production of osmium amounts 360 kg, but only 120 kg are processed for crystallisation.

Opportunities with osmium

Osmium is primarily seen as a jewellery and investment metal. Despite its high potential for many more applications, osmium is too rare and too expensive for alternative applications.

Investors therefore speculate in the long run primarily that osmium will become less and less available to jewellers due to its rarity. In the future, private and institutional financial investors will provide the jewellery market with crystalline osmium in form of e.g. osmium bars, osmium diamonds and osmium stars.

It is therefore expected that the osmium price will increase in the first place despite its fluctuations.

The use of osmium in jewellery is more and more increasing. In many cases osmium is worked into exquisite jewellery pieces in combination with other precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or titanium. In this way, osmium is gradually withdrawn from the commodity market. Since jewellery remains in private hands, the osmium cannot be recovered from them.


Osmium has the highest abrasion resistance of any material. So it would be the most durable nail file in the world.

In addition, osmium has the highest density of all elements and of all chemical compounds. Therefore, it is impossible to counterfeit osmium.

Osmium has a unique blueish-silvery to blueish-whitish lustre which unfolds in particular upon reflection of sunlight and LED light. The light is reflected in all directions, which reinforces the sparkling, overwhelming crystal structure.

Furthermore, the bulk modulus of osmium is also superior to most other substances. You could build the tallest skyscrapers out of it, or the most robust submarines, if there were more than 120 kg per year available.

Periodic table

Osmium is a chemical element with the symbol Os and the atomic number 76. Within the periodic table it is placed in the eighth group, the iron group. It is a hard, brittle, steel blue transition metal and forms part of the platinum-group metals.

With 462 GPa osmium shows the highest bulk modulus of all elements, exceeded only by aggregated diamond nanorods, and the highest density at 22.61 g/cm³.

Within the group of transition metals, osmium is the last precious metal. It is the last of its kind.

Precious metals

Precious metals are metals that are resistant to corrosion, that is, that are permanently chemically stable in natural environments under the action of air and water. Due to their durability, gold and silver have been used since antiquity for the production of jewellery and coins.

In addition, the platinum-group metals have been discovered over the last four centuries. These show similar corrosion-resistant characteristics such as gold. To date, gold, silver, platinum and palladium all play an important role in global markets.

Osmium is commercially available since 2014 as it can now be traded in its crystallised form. Thus, it can be used as a means of payment, asset or jewellery metal in the market. Non-crystalline osmium is harmful to health. For this reason, osmium could not be brought to market before the crystallisation process was available.


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