Osmium is both the rarest precious metal as well as the rarest existing element.

Osmium is mined together with platinum, however, the huge amount of 10,000 tons of platinum ore contains only 30 grams osmium. The separation of the metals is cost-intensive and very complex.

Once the mining of platinum declines, it is no longer possible to mine osmium. At this point, osmium will become even rarer.

The annual production since 2019 is about 1000 kg. A significant amount is used for crystallization, the remaining amount in the form of osmium compounds is used internationally in industry and academic research.

At the moment, production is steadily increasing as more and more contracted mines are separating the osmium. Thus, more osmium will be available to produce the approximately two cubic meters that are expected to be mineable.
Despite its toxicity, osmium tetroxide continues to be used for various purposes, including medical applications, in addition to jewelry production.

The Osmium-Institute has access to the entire extractable osmium, which can then be crystallized. In addition, the Osmium Institute has options on Osmium which was found in the past.

Osmium is not to be bought from private sources!


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