Opportunities with osmium

Opportunities with osmium

Osmium is seen in the market as an investment and jewellery metal. There could be many other applications resulting from the special properties of osmium, but osmium is too rare and too expensive for any of these application options.

Investors are therefore speculating in the long term that osmium will become increasingly difficult for jewellers to buy due to its rarity. In the future, private and institutional investors will supply the jewelry market with crystalline osmium in the form of Osmium Bars, Osmium Diamonds and Osmium Stars.

It is therefore to be expected that the price of osmium will rise primarily despite its fluctuations.

The use of osmium in jewellery is also on the rise. It is often combined with metals such as gold, silver, platinum or titanium to create spectacular pieces of jewellery. These pieces of jewellery also deprive the raw material market for osmium of additional material. Since the jewellery remains in private hands, the osmium cannot be retrieved from it.



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Opportunities with osmium