Spot price

Spot price

The price of osmium is determined and published in a fixing in Switzerland. The data can be found at www.osmium-preis.com.

The price varies with the existing stocks in the crystallization operation and the lead times in crystallization. The storage of osmium is only possible to a limited extent, since the quantities for crystallization are even lower than the occurrence of osmium itself.

The price is not a market price like silver or gold but a so-called spot price.

Prices in resale or private market may vary.

Osmium is sold plus VAT depending on state or state legislation. Qualified companies with a VAT ID number can trade tax-free. After a very short holding period, which each country determines independently for precious metals and strategic metals or art, osmium can be sold tax-free in private trade.

Proof of purchase and authenticity should be provided at the time of sale. For this reason, the supplied authenticity documents and above all the OIC (Osmium Identification Code) must always be handed over together with the osmium. For a private purchase, the code is entered on the Internet at www.osmium-institute.com and the high-resolution image of the corresponding piece can be compared with the real piece at hand. This comparison is possible with the bare eye and always unambiguous.

When osmium is stored, however, these papers should be separated from the physical osmium in order to make work more difficult for thieves and to keep proof of possession. A new certificate can either be issued by an Osmium-Institute or simply printed out on the Internet.

Osmium can be stored, but most investors tend to keep osmium within their own four walls to have access to it.

The easiest to resell are osmium diamonds and osmium stars, which can be sold independently by a private osmium owner to affiliated jewellers.

In Germany, retailers and distributors no longer have a buy-back or take-back obligation after two weeks (the deadlines for a buy-back or take-back obligation may vary in other countries and/or states or no longer exist at all). Therefore, the most sensible way is to sell through jewelers.


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Spot price